Month: October 2016

7 Serious Signs That You Might Have a Parasite

When traveling abroad, we know to avoid drinking untreated water, swimming in freshwater streams and lakes, and eating certain foods. The risks for contracting a parasitic disease while away are pretty well defined, and as

Chaturanga 101: The Step-by-Step Guide

One of the most challenging moves in yoga is the chaturanga dandasana, or the four-limbed staff pose. This is also known as the low plank or a yoga push-up maneuver. It’s a foundational pose that

Sleep Hacking Day 1

The Power of the Sun Getting enough sunlight during the day helps your body sleep well at night our bodies circadian rhythm  is regulated by our access to sunlight. Getting Sunlight Exposure first thing in

Light Therapy Box’s

These boxes simulate the effects of the sun when sunlight is hard to get. These are popular in places like Northern Canada, Alaska, Ireland, Iceland and any other countries that far north. Light therapy is

Top 3 Blue Blocker Glasses

What are Blue Blockers? They’re glasses with lenses specially tinted to block the the blue spectrum of Light emitted by electronic devices. We as humans did not evolve to stare at electronic screens all day

4 Surprising Health Benefits of Drinking Moringa Tea

  A lot of influencers in the health foods community have started talking about the moringa plant, and moringa tea might very well be the next big thing. Kale and coconut oil are going to

Six Ways to Change Your Life

It’s no secret that life can be difficult. Many people these days seem to be highly cynical and eschew positivity and good attitudes. Some people may say, “it probably won’t work, so why bother?” There

Fun in the Sun: Why Sunlight is Important for Your Children

Considering that it’s summertime, most of us are probably pretty familiar with the sun, and many of us are probably sick of it by now, with hot days and sticky nights still going strong. However,