Month: November 2016

How Much Money Do Yoga Teachers Really Make?

There has been a lot of discussion lately about how much yoga instructors make, and it is growing in popularity as a career choice. Here’s a little truth about the subject.

Three Delicious Moringa Tea Recipes

Moringa is a small tree that grows in India, Pakistan, and Nepal. People in this part of the world have been using it for years because of its ability to treat and prevent various diseases

How to Use Baking Soda as Shampoo

Many shampoos and conditioners contain harmful chemicals that could be hurting your hair. By using a simple baking soda solution, you can get perfect hair naturally.

5 Surprising Vegetables That Are High in Protein

Although vegetables are not traditionally concerned to be a great source of protein, there are many that would surprise in how much they contain.

Soul Searching: 5 Ways to Find Yourself

Many of us get stuck at some point and feel we are missing our true purpose. Here are some tips to help you discover your true self and move towards your purpose in life.

Three Delicious Moringa Tea Recipes

Moringa is a healthy tea that is recently new to Americans. From a plant native to Nepal, India and Pakistan, its leaves provide an almost unlimited number of health benefits.

10 of the Most Influential and Impactful Personal Development Books of All Time

While it is common to hear think of Shakespeare’s and Chaucer’s contributions to English writing, personal development books are often overlooked in how influential they really are in the modern world. However, many of these


The Most Common Myths About Healthy Living

It seems as if everywhere you turn these days, someone is eagerly waiting for the opportunity to critique your health and nutrition choices. You instantly learn what you are doing wrong and what you need

Everyday Bathroom Products That Could Be Harming Your Health

It seems that every day we learn about chemicals in everyday products that are no longer believed to be safe. Here’s a few ingredients you should be sure to avoid.

How to Build Stronger Friendships

We all wish to build stronger relationships with those closest to us. Here are a few simple steps that can bring you and your BFF closer together in a healthy way.