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How to Let Go of the Past

In order to grow, you have to let go of the past. The steps in this guide may not be easy, but they will help you let go of pain and embrace the joy in life.

What Happens at an Ayahuasca Ceremony?

Ayahuasca has exploded into the mainstream consciousness recently, and this always brings misconceptions. So what actually happens at an Ayahuasca ceremony?


The Real Meaning of Ahimsa

The spiritual concepts behind yoga are just as important as its physical benefits. The foundation of spiritual yoga is the concept of Ahimsa.

3 Steps to Positive Self Talk

What we think determines how we act and the results of our actions. Here are three steps to positive self-talk that will help you improve your thinking and your life.

Why Me Time Is the Key to a Happier Life

In a busy life full of work, family, friends and everything else, it is easy to lose track of yourself. That is only one of the reasons why “me time” is crucial to healthy living.

4 Ways to Let Go of the Past

Letting go of the past is always easier said than done. However, here are a few simple steps that may be able to help the process.


Death Bed Regrets: Nine Most Common Regrets People Have At The End Of Life

Nine Most Common Regrets People Have At The End Of Life Everybody has a unique life story and often times you’ll hear people express the regrets they have in life. Unfortunately, it seems that most

3 Ways You Can Learn to Trust Again

We all know how it feels to be hurt. Lies, betrayal and rejection can damage us to the point that we feel unable to trust again. But you can learn to trust again by taking a few steps.

Soul Searching: 5 Ways to Find Yourself

Many of us get stuck at some point and feel we are missing our true purpose. Here are some tips to help you discover your true self and move towards your purpose in life.

10 of the Most Influential and Impactful Personal Development Books of All Time

While it is common to hear think of Shakespeare’s and Chaucer’s contributions to English writing, personal development books are often overlooked in how influential they really are in the modern world. However, many of these