Light Therapy Box’s

These boxes simulate the effects of the sun when sunlight is hard to get. These are popular in places like Northern Canada, Alaska, Ireland, Iceland and any other countries that far north. Light therapy is used to treat things like Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) or a lack of vitamin D. SAD is a type of depression that can occur during the winter when there is less exposure to the sun.


Sun Touch Plus Light Ion Therapy:

This is the most popular of light therapy devices on amazon. Regular use can help improve mood, energy, and sleep. By Simulating the natural effects of the sun it helps keep your body’s hormonal clock in sync. It also has optional Aromatherapy and a timer function so you can use it to help you wake up. This Product has over 1000 5 star reviews Check it out for yourself.

Sphere Gadget Lightphoria:

This is a portable light therapy device, it’s compact and light design makes it ideal for travelers. It’s not as big as the Sun Touch but people say they start seeing positive effects after 2-3 days of use.



Verilux HappyLight:

This is less powerful than Sphere and Sun Touch clocking in at only at 5,000 wats. It’s compact but weights about 1.5lbs so still portable. It’s recommended for office use during the “lunch slump”. And it’s light is specially tuned to not cause glare.

Posted by Jeremiah Boehner