Simple Ways to Balance Your pH for Your Health

Most Americans are unaware of the direct links between pH balance in the body and their health. Here is some information about how your pH directly relates to your well-being.

Both alternative and mainstream physicians agree that maintaining a proper pH balance in your body is important for your health. Almost every aspect of your body is physically affected by the acid-alkaline balance, and working to achieve a correct balance can actually cure certain ailments and diseases.

For those who are totally unfamiliar with the concept of pH balance and think that it is only important for your pool water, here is a quick course on how it works. PH is an acronym for “power of hydrogen,” and it relates to the measurement of the hydrogen ion concentration of blood or other liquids. The pH scale ranges from 1 to 14, and 7 is considered to be a neutral balance. Measurements of more than 7 are said to be alkaline; a number lower than 7 is considered acidic. As far as why the “p” is lower-case, scientists are still working to find that answer. Now that we’ve got all the sciencey talk out of the way, we can get down to why this stuff actually matters.

Maintaining a healthy pH balance can have an effect on every aspect of your health from your digestive system to your sex life. It could also be the root cause of a disorder from which you have been suffering. Even mainstream physicians are aware of this, but it is often overlooked in favor of simply prescribing a pill for every situation. While there is no problem with taking medications for ailments for which they are required, it is far too common to jump to that as the first and only solution. There are often multiple natural alternatives that always turn out better in the long run. One of the simplest solutions to problems that seem complex is balancing the individual’s pH correctly.

Some of the systems of your body that benefit most from achieving a healthy pH balance include:


  • Digestive: A large number of digestive disorders are caused directly by excess acid in the system.
  • Circulatory: The main cause for heart disease is high acidity.
  • Immune: Bacteria and pathogens are able to breed and thrive in highly acidic environments.
  • Respiratory: The transportation of oxygen throughout the body can be slowed or strangled by an improper pH balance.
  • Skeletal: Many degenerative bone diseases are related directly to the pH balance in the body.
  • Nervous: Similarly to how can interfere with the flow of oxygen, high acidity deprives the nervous system of energy.
  • Reproductive: Research is beginning to show links between pH balance and erectile disfunction as well as infertility.



Posted by Jeremiah Boehner