Sleep Hacking Day 1

The Power of the Sun

Getting enough sunlight during the day helps your body sleep well at night our bodies circadian rhythm  is regulated by our access to sunlight. Getting Sunlight Exposure first thing in the morning tells your body to wake and starts your body’s hormonal clock. However, if you get too much light exposure at night will also mess with your hormone production of Melatonin. Melatonin if you don’t know is a hormone that tells your body to fall asleep and stay asleep.  So making sure your Melatonin production isn’t interrupted.

So Tip #2 your body is most responsive to the effects of sunlight between 6am-9am. So it’s important to get outside in the morning and expose yourself to the sun for 20-30 minutes.

Tip #3 If you work in an office building or in a situation where you’re not exposed to Sunlight regularly take breaks throughout the day to go outside for 10-15 minutes and get some sun. Even if it’s cloudy the sun’s rays are still penetrating.

Tip # 4 If you work irregular hours such as night shift invest in some blue blocking glasses. Even if you don’t wear glasses normally. Wearing these when you go back outside will help prevent some of those effects. While normally you want to get sun, but if you sleep during the day it’s important to limit exposure if you plan on sleeping soon.

Tip #4.5 These Blue Blocking Glasses are also great for preventing eye strain if you work on a computer all day or want to watch a movie or use your electronics after night.

Here’s a list of the Top 3 Blue Blocker Glasses.

Tip #5 If you suffer from seasonal affective disorder (like me) and you live in a place without a lot of sunlight or work during daylight hours you can use a light therapy device like these.

Top Light Therapy Boxes

Tip #5.5 If you suffer from seasonal affective disorder taking a high-quality Vitamin D supplement can help, but consult your doctor first to make sure you’re deficient.

Posted by Jeremiah Boehner