Top 3 Blue Blocker Glasses

What are Blue Blockers?

They’re glasses with lenses specially tinted to block the the blue spectrum of Light emitted by electronic devices. We as humans did not evolve to stare at electronic screens all day and these spectrum of light can cause eye strain, head aches, macular degeneration, and effects your hormonal balance at night making it difficult to fall asleep. However using these types of glasses at night can help negate the harmful affects of blue light while still allowing you to use your phone or watch TV.


Top 3 Blue Blocker Glasses

My Personal Favorite.
Gamma Ray 801’s. I first heard about these glasses from blogger and podcaster Tim Ferris. I had been wanted to invest in these glasses but the one’s that looked good were out of my budget or really ugly an I wouldn’t want to wear them in the office or at home. These ones are reasonably priced and fairly stylish. I often can be seen wearing them in my live streams.


Gunnar Optiks

Gunnar’s really the first ones to do this as a brand and they targeting mostly computer programmers and hardcore gamers to help protect their eyes from the dangers of eye strain and too much blue light. They’re very stylish and built tougher than the Gamma Rays which are made of plastic. But they command a slightly higher price.
• They’re super light weighing on average around 20 grams
• They have a special coating to help prevent glare.
• They come with a one year warranty.
• They make prescription lenses if you need actual glasses as well.


Uvex Skyper’s

These are Amazon’s best sellers and have over 700 5 Star reviews despite being ugly as sin. However they do boast to be the best at blocking the harmful effects of blue light with a 98% absorption rate, Wrap around lenses to help block that side light from coming in, and the lenses are easy to replace if you break them.

Posted by Jeremiah Boehner